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Vision 2012 – 2015

Vision 2015 – 2018CACSLogo75



In order to ensure the integrity of CACS, its mandate and licensing agreement:

  • Ensure integrity of the licensing agreement and maintain communication with NEC
  • Continue liaison with the Canadian Conference of Catholic Cursillos to ensure the authenticity of the Movement
  • Need to continue identification of donations through Diocesan Report Forms
  • Create a three-year budget to guide the finances of CACS
  • Provide financial statements at CACS meetings and record in CACS minutes
  • Ensure auditing of the books and integrity of reporting to Revenue Canada in order to retain Charitable organization status
  • Review of the CACS Constitution and development of By Laws, especially related to election procedures and two active Dioceses working together with one Secretariat.
  • Continue to review and revise Diocesan Reports forms to include questions which will help to ensure accountability, maintenance and authenticity of movements
  •  Develop a policy on archiving materials


CACS will emphasize communications to heighten visibility and awareness through:

  • Web Site
  • Newsletter and Minutes
  • CACS representatives contacting local Secretariats on a regular basis
  • Articles in the Anglican Journal, local Diocesan Newspapers and local Movement  newsletters
  • Establish contact with and foster involvement of Lutherans in the Movement
  • Meet with local Secretariats and Bishops
  • Maintain communication with the Episcopal Cursillo Ministry in the U.S. so that we may support each other

Support Diocesan Relationships

Activities identified for action include:

  •  Review and/or revise CACS guidelines more than five years old and develop new ones as required
  • Creation of “Helpful Hints” papers on various subjects to assist Diocesan Secretariats
  • Provision of information concerning Palanca distribution through the CACS Newsletter, “Rooster Tales”
  • Begin dialogue with Dioceses with no movements to encourage development of Cursillo in these areas
  • Assist struggling movements with provision of workshops and through CACS Representatives so that the movements can bloom where they are planted
  • Assist Diocesan Movements in reviewing and updating NEC and CACS guidelines and libraries through the provision of updates
  • Explore new ways of holding authentic Weekends in a changing world

Approved – CACS Meeting
November 2016 in Halifax, Nova Scotia